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Look Out for These Sneaky Signs of Dehydration

July 13, 2022

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Woman experiencing signs of dehydration

Most of the U.S. seems caught up in a massive heatwave this summer. Even here in Connecticut, temperatures are several degrees above the average! Needless to say, the season is putting many Americans at increased risk of dehydration. However, you’d be surprised at how subtle the condition’s signs can be. It can sneak up on you and harm your physical and oral health if you’re not careful. To learn more, here are three sneaky signs of dehydration, how fluid loss hurts oral health, and tips for hydrating this season.

3 Sneaky Signs of Dehydration

When dehydrated, you’ll likely experience more than just thirst. You could experience three of the symptoms listed below:


For reasons that aren’t fully known, dehydration can trigger headaches and even migraines. Some researchers believe this effect is due to how fluid loss can shrink brain tissue, as this process could cause pain.

Dark Pee

As you lose body fluids, your body’s urine becomes more concentrated. Consequently, the latter will turn a dark yellow.

It’s best to drink more water if you notice this change in your pee!

Feeling Fluish

Surprisingly enough, the symptoms you’d associate with a “summer flu” — dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea —can occur when you’re dehydrated. Lacking enough water could even lead to chills or fever.

How Does Dehydration Hurt Oral Health?

One key body fluid lost to dehydration is saliva, which washes away leftover food particles and harmful bacteria. Lacking it usually results in mouth debris having a chance to ferment and spread. Naturally, then, low saliva levels are associated with an increased risk of dry mouth, bad breath, and dental diseases.

Summer Hydration Tips

Given the above, you should keep your teeth strong and healthy by staying hydrated. Therefore, follow these tips in the future:

  • Eat Foods with High Water Content: Besides drinking more water, you could also eat more fruits and vegetables. Some good examples are juicy ones like apples, watermelons, lettuce, and carrots.
  • Stay Prepared: If you plan to exercise strenuously, hydrate the day before. Furthermore, keep a reusable water bottle with you during workouts and other physical activities.
  • Drink to Thirst: When all else fails, drink until you no longer feel thirsty. Just remember that by the time you feel thirst, you might already be mildly dehydrated.

Whether you’re spending this summer up north or down south, dehydration is a present danger. Therefore, remember the signs and tips above so that your smile doesn’t suffer!

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