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Your Dentist in Glastonbury Discusses the Benefits of Implant Retained Dentures

Dental implants in Glastonbury can give your denture the support it needs to provide an exceptional fit. Tooth loss can have extreme consequences damaging patients’ oral health, self-confidence, and quality of life in far-reaching ways. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to stay this way. Dental implants are right at the forefront of the reconstructive world, and for good reason – by replicating the entire structure of the natural tooth, they’re essentially able to turn the clock back on your smile restoring much-needed vitality, strength, and beauty in seamlessly lifelike ways. Are you a candidate for dental implants in Glastonbury, CT? Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brad Heim or Dr. John Carroll. We're happy to welcome patients from Glastonbury, CT and surrounding areas.

When you’re living with multiple compromised teeth, normal daily activities such as eating, talking, and smiling become more difficult. Chewing the food you would normally enjoy is challenging, so your nutrition may suffer. Smiling and talking to others may feel embarrassing because of your teeth. Your situation can begin to feel hopeless, however you should know that your dentist in Glastonbury has excellent solutions for replacing your teeth.

Dentures Can Restore Your Smile

A denture is an oral appliance that is designed to take the place of an entire arch of teeth. Dr. Heim and Dr. Carroll custom design it so it not only complements your skin tone, but also restores your facial structure. Traditionally, dentures were removable and utilized suction and a snug fit to stay in place. Today we can offer an even better option with implant retained dentures by using dental implants in Glastonbury to support your denture.

How Can Dental Implants Help Support Your Denture?

Our doctors will strategically place a few dental implants into your bone that they will use to support your denture. As they customize your denture, it will be designed to “snap” into the dental implants, which will provide a more secure fit than a removable denture. Implant retained dentures ensure that there is no movement or slippage when you talk or eat, which eliminates the learning curve associated with traditional dentures.

Removable dentures actually rely on the jawbone to stay in place, which puts a lot of pressure on it that causes it to resorb, or deteriorate. For this reason, traditional dentures have to be adjusted and relined periodically to ensure proper fit.

Dental implants not only provide better support for your denture, they also benefit your oral health. Implants work to keep your bone healthy and stimulated, which provides longevity for your denture. Implant retained dentures actually protect the integrity of your bone.

Comprehensive Treatment From Glastonbury Smiles

You’ll be happy to learn that Dr. Heim and Dr. Carroll are able to offer comprehensive implant treatment here at Glastonbury Smiles. This means they’ll complete your entire treatment procedure here at our office from start to finish instead of referring you to a specialist for implant surgery. Patients love the fact that they get to work with the team they know throughout their treatment.

If you’re ready to learn more about how Dr. Heim and Dr. Carroll can help to restore your smile and your confidence, we encourage you to contact our office today to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors.

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